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Manifesto for Unity in English and Spanish, Love is the Way

 On the Road from Cuba, April 12, 2021

It has been a long while since I have made an entry in this blog to communicate the important events in my life.  At this writing I have been in Cuba more than a year riding out the Covid 19 pandemic before returning to Alaska sometime soon.  I am awaiting a vaccination with a vaccine developed in Cuba.

I find myself blessed with a new love in my life after the passing of my former wife in late December of 2018.  I met Maria Antonia on a bike ride here in the spring of 2014.  A closer romatic relationship did not develop until 2019 when I returned to Cuba in November.  It is with her I remain still after arriving in Cuba 8 March 2020, just before the pandemic arrived three days later.

The Manifesto was given to both of us during my time here.  It is time to put it in circulation to a wider audience.  It came at a time in the maturity of both our spiritual journeys that we could serve as a pathway for what the All-That-Is, many call God wanted to communicate.

It has been a long time since I communicated anything through this blog.  For those of you who do visit these pages again please pass this on if you feel motivated to do so.  That Love remains the Way remains a trueism that has stood the test of time.  


 Notes from authors:  The voice speaking in the Manifesto is the Source, the All-That-Is of many names, one of them is God.  It was passed to Maria Antonia y Don in its present form during December 2020 and January 2021; about the authors follows at the end.

A Spanish translation of the Manifesto for Unity follows the English version. 

A Manifesto for Unity
Guidance for an Evolution Revolution
Puerto Padre, Cuba – 7 January 2021


Be Transformed

We are One

All things are connected

All of life is sacred

Love is our true nature

Fear is our greatest enemy

Love is “The Way



The purpose of this Manifesto is to provide some understanding from a human perspective of how subtle/divine energy works. This will provide a foundation for further transformation and evolution of human consciousness.  This is an evolution revolution.

At this moment in human history “The Way” is the best hope of reaching unity. Hope will blossom from unity.  In time it will restore balance and harmony to your interactions with one another and with the many living things of your world.  The Way is present in all things..  All of life was created through it. This is unification with “The Way” after a long period of separation.

It lays to rest the thought rising in your mind of two things, simply called duality, where there is only one.   This requires a transformed consciousness, one no longer dominated by the egocentric (selfish) nature of your mind with its desire for power and self-gratification.  From this comes an understanding of Love as the only energy that can unite us.  Love is free to flow like a river where it will in service to others through the power of a transformed heart.  And thus we can say Love is “The Way.”

Many of you who come to these words are already well along in this process of growth.  You have found hope through different teachings and religious practices from the distant and near past.  Through their inspiration you now have a solid foundation for addressing the many problems humanity faces through unity and cooperation. The greatest of these is human behavior causing climate climate.   The urgency of addressing it is known.  The consequences for doing nothing put at risk all of life on Earth.

Are you “just in time” or past a tipping point as some have called it?  It is too early to tell. It depends on the choices you make from now on.  I only advise.  I will not tell you what to do.

 The way to peace on Earth is through the power of Love.

Be Transformed

You are released from serving your ego, your self-centered self through a process of heart transformation.  In this process you are guided by the inner light of my Love.  “Walking in my Light,” is the key to your transformation.   It is a matter of personal choice and desire. Not everyone is ready, when you are revist these words.

Transformation requires a voluntary dying to your ego, your self-centered self.   For most of you this is not a one-time event.  It can be a moment by moment process reinforced by your intention.  The practice of it will bring balance to the energies of your heart and mind through personal experience.  You become heart centered through the power of Love.

Prayer and communication with me will help you grow.  As you grow you will rise higher on the “Staircase of Love.”  This will give you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of those who have risen higher. Those below will have the opportunity to learn from you. 

 Separation is an Illusion

You are and always have been a part of me in physical form.  It is only now that more human beings understand this.  Oneness follows from this understanding.  You always have the freedom of choice to walk with me or apart from me.  Separation at this point in your evolution is still the choice many of you will make.

 We are One

Love is the “I am” as some of you know me. I am present in all things including human beings.  I am saying this again to make a point.  There is nothing in the creation of your understanding that was not created by me.  You are an expression of my Love for all of life through the beauty of creation.  Love and great beauty are connected.  Earth was once a “Garden of Eden,”  “A Paradise.”  You have seen my face in the beauty of the many forms that grace your planet. Unless you act quickly it will become a “Paradise Lost.”

This is not a belief or new religion. It comes from a state of consciousness gained thru personal experience.

You are not your minds or your physical bodies.  You are a part of my creative energy whose vibration has been slowed to become matter. This process is known to your science.  It gives you a physical form.  I created you as an expression of who I am.

The Christ who is known as Jesus said, “I and the Father are one. Love one another as I have loved you.”  Love manifested itself in human form through his example and teachings as well as thru other spiritual masters. It follows from the example of his life and words that Love is the eternal nature of my being.  You have the same relationship with me as Jesus had.  It does not mean you have reached the same level of evolved consciousness.  And yet there is that of “God the Father/Creator” within each of you.  From this there is the dawn of a new perspective.  It remains a larger unrealized potential for human kind.

 All things are connected

 My energy is hidden from plain view.  It is a common “thread” which is present in all things.  Your thoughts are the engine of creation through your intention and focus.  You are co-creators with me through your thoughts.  Some thoughts that arise within you are inspired through your feelings.  Others arising from your ego are not.  How do you tell the difference?  One way is to ask who stands to benefit the most by acting on this thought.  Is it me or is it for the greater good and benefit of others?  When in doubt simply ask me for guidance thru prayer.  Always ask!

There are unavoidable consequences both positive and negative for everything you think, say and do. When you give unselfishly for a greater good you will receive in the same way. The opposite is also true.  Thus the saying “what goes around comes around,” due to our hidden from view relationship and connectedness.  This relationship is stated simply but profoundly as the Golden Rule, ´´do unto others as you would have them do unto you.´´   This is the law of cause and effect which cannot be changed. 

There is the mistaken widely held belief the ends justify the means, especially the use of physical or verbal violence.  Because of our deep rooted connectedness the ends and means are one.  The use of violence will always lead to more of the same.  A soldier on the killing fields of war suffers from mental trauma.  That part of me within you, the energy you call your soul knows this while your mind may not.  You are only harming yourself (selves).


From an understanding of the creative nature of your thoughts, the door of possibilities opens. One of these is creating a New Heaven and New Earth.  You know the thought form of prayer is a powerful tool when joined with others because everything is connected.  For some of you this may be your greatest service and contribution to the greater good.

 All of life is sacred

 This follows from the understanding that all things having a physical form are a reflection of my creative energy in your world.  In this sense there is no life form that is more or less of value or sacred than another.

 Love is our true nature

 This is because of who and what you are in relation to me, the All-that-Is, the God of your understanding.  Love is the eternal nature of who I am.  My nature is sacrificial.  I do not insist on my own way.  I endure all things.  I am the beginning and end of all things even as you have so written.  I am the everlasting energy of the soul within you.  Love is free to express itself through you when you are transformed.

 You are culturally conditioned to believe you are your minds and bodies. In this ego dominated state you are concerned only with your own welfare and selfish-self.

 Fear is our greatest enemy

All energy has a vibration your science can measure.  Fear, hate, anger and similar feelings are low frequency negative energies.  They are the energies of separation and imbalance.  Negative thoughts are like a plague on your conscience.   Flee them!  Why?  Through your thoughts you attract to yourself what you focus on.  When they arise it is helpful to replace them with a positive one.

Fear is sometimes necessary for your immediate physical survival.  It motivates you to flee thedanger of physical harm.  It becomes a negative energy if you dwell on the unrealized or existential fear of the unknown.  It can paralyze and keep you from acting for your own good or that of others.  Fear can be overcome through intention and prayer.  It takes courage to face one´s fears.  It becomes easier the more you are able to do this. You will discover your fears are often greatly magnified. The feared reality is often not at all what you expected or later experienced.

The fear of death dissolves with a transformed consciousness.  It is not a penalty.  Your life, the eternal soul energy within each of you continues in another dimension.

 Love is The Way

Kindness, love and compassion are positive high frequency vibrations that bring balance, harmony and unity.  These energies have the power to eliminate and transform negative energies.  Nothing is more powerful!

The Way manifests itself within you through love in service to others for a greater good.   Through the process of transformation Universal values of kindness, love and compassion become a natural part of your character.  As you grow, courage, integrity, humility, understanding and forgiveness also become a natural part of your being.

As human beings you will make mistakes.  Intention to not repeat them is more important than perfection


Human caused climate change is the greatest danger humanity faces.


It is through unity and cooperation following

“The Way” you can courageously face the many problems facing you. You were meant to be the stewards of my creation.  All of life on Earth is at risk if you continue being its dominators and destructors.

Every journey begins with a first step.  It is very important to take these first steps towards unity regardless of what others may think or do. 

The challenges before you are formidable.  Through the power of Love they can be overcome.  Remember to always ask for my help!  Through the power of Love I am always by your side.

This photo appears on a wall in the Iglesia de Los Amigos (Cuaqueros) in Gibara, Cuba

There is Hope!

Puerto Padre, Cuba – 7 January 2021


 A Manifesto for Unity (conttd)

 About the Authors:

Maria Antonia Bofill Perez is Cuban living in Puerto Padre.  She was a teacher and professor for fourty years beginning her professional life at the age of fourteen.  She retired with a Masters Degree in Education and Professor of Psychology and Pedagogy.  Maria Antonia is also an author, poet, and historian and received a Certificate as Expert Mediator for the Resolution of Conflicts from the Cuban Quaker Institute of Peace.  She is a Quaker also know as a Friend or Amigo.  Friends do not follow a religious dogma with the understanding there is that of God within each of us.  In this sense she and Don are not religious.  She has studied the Bible but it is not a literal understanding.  She considers the Bible the word of God but not the only word in the understanding of the texts. She is Christocentric and has found inspiration and love of God from the life and teachings of Jesus.   She is a member of the Iglesia de los Amigos Cuaqeros in Puerto Padre, Cuba.

Don Ross is a northamerican living in Alaska. He first came to Cuba in 1999 with a Pastors for Peace Caravan (no.11) led by Lucius Walker.  It was a humanitarian aid caravan for the Cuban people.  It was also a protest against the decades long trade embargo of Cuba.  The blockade continues to this day. 

In 2014 he returned as Peace Rider travelling by bicycle in eastern Cuba with a simple message: Love is the Way.  This comes from Don’s life experience and understanding of Jesus’ role in human history as a Universal or cosmic consciousness unbound by ideology, dogma or religious practice, inclusive and not exclusive.  It was through Don’s connection with the Chena Hills Quaker community in Fairbanks, AK that he found liked minded souls or Amigos in eastern Cuba.  It was also in the same year he met Martia Antonia for the first time in Puerto Padre.  It was a few year later their friendship evolved into a loving relationship and marriage.

Don’s note:  There is a light hearted side to the Divine which came in a delightful, unexpected moment I shared with Maria during the editing process.  I was using the Word program moving the wheel of my mouse back and forth to position the Cooperation illustration on the Summary page.  In the process I noticed the mules come to life.  The middle became animated the faster I moved the roll bar back and forth one space.  The mule is a sometimes contrary, stubborn animal, the symbol of one of the two political parties in the United States.