Thursday, September 18, 2014

On the Road from Fairbanks, AK to New York City 9/18/2114 (march on the UN 9/21/14)

Dear Friends,

To those of you who may be checking in to this site to see what Peace Rider is up to next here's the latest.  A bit of a last minute thing but it seems to be the way "inspiration" works, just in time.  I had some free miles which I'm using today to fly to Philadelphia.  Will overnight with a friend in Seattle before flying on tomorrow morning.

In Philadelphia will join a group of Friends, Quakers, headed to New York City by bus Sunday morning to join others hopefully thousands who want something substantial done now to curb greenhouse gas emissions driving global climate change.  I was told seventeen bus loads of folks are going from here.   It bodes well for a very large turn out.  

There is not much time left to get this right or suffer unimaginable consequences only hinted at now. Doing nothing to date is unacceptable.   It is in reality doing something and already we are in for a rough ride from a global rise in temperatures and sea levels.  The worst to come is to be avoided at all costs for ours and our children's sake.  

If you cannot come pray for those involved and for a meaningful outcome beyond rhetoric.  

Will report on the road when able.


Peace Rider

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