Friday, July 10, 2015

On the Road from Panama 6/30/2015, a conversation with BBC07

Dear Friends ´´in the rabbit hole,"

From a Spirit House in Alaska, my last posting, to Panama -- as Alaska goes up in smoke.   

I arrived here in mid-May without a bicycle.  I’m staying in the guest house of an old friend away at the moment.   The local library in Boquete is where this originates.   It has a small café inside, a very nice feature.   I´ve been hanging out here most days except Sunday when it´s closed.  

It´s about a six km hike downhill through town to get here.  On rainy days I take a taxi part way.   All around an exuberance of life - flowers in bloom, birds singing, roosters crowing, dogs barking, at me sometimes and greeting locals on the way are why I enjoy walking and riding less.  It satisfies and feeds the spirit in ways other things cannot.

Betty called me from London awhile back. She is the daughter of another friend. Her ¨handle¨ she told me is BBC 07.  As it happened, an ongoing conversation of the moment, to be reported on here as opportunity allows.  We agreed I could share it.  It went something like this:

Hi Betty!  Hi Peas Rider

It´s nice to hear your voice.  
Nice to hear you too. 
I’m so happy you called.  
What would you like to talk about?   
What is a peas rider?  
Well,  I work for peace on Earth and peace with the Earth.  
I like to eat peas.  
Me too.  This is different you can´t eat peace.  
What kind of peas is it. 
It’s a feeling you have inside.  
We are happy when we feel peaceful. 
That’s nice.  I feel that way when I’m playing with my friends.  
Where do you live?.  
In a big house near the James River.  Mum says I’m very bright for my age.  
That's nice to hear. How did you find me?  
My daddy reads your blog sometimes.  Our house was not peasful last night.  
Mum and dad were making happy talk.  
They woke me up.  
They woke you up?  Yes.  
Mum was saying oh, oh, oh a lot.  
They were having fun I guess.   
I wanted to play too.  
I see.  
I knocked on the door but mum said go back to bed.  
Did you?  
I listened for awhile.  
Mum asked daddy to kiss Virginia.  
She must be a nice person.  
I heard mum say oh! oh! oh! again. 
They were happy sounds. I got sleepy. 
You went to bed ?  
Yes. I asked Mum in the morning who is Virginia?  Can I meet her.  
Where did you hear that?  
Last night.  She just laughed.  When you´re older she said .    
When you called I thought it is was someone else.  
That’s alright.  
You have an unusual address.  What does BBC07 mean.   
Oh, that.  It means Betty Boobs Cramdon. I'm seven years old. I watch TV with my daddy.  He calls it the boob tube.  
Did you ask him what that means?  
Yes!   He said I should ask mum first.  
What did she say?  
She said there are different kinds of boobs.  She showed me her boobs.  She said I will have boobs like hers when I grow up.   They were soft and warm and nice.   I can feed babies like me when I was littler.  I like boobs!  
I see!  Would it be okay to just call you BeeBee.  
Okay.   Wee - I´m  Bee,Bee,Cee 07.  
Sometimes daddy gets angry watching the boob tube  
What were you watching.  
POX news.  He calls them boobs and pickleheads.  
Why did he say that? 
They don't believe in appliance.  My daddy is very smart.  He knows a lot about appliance. 
I like sweet pickles!   
Me too BB.. 
Are boobs and pickleheads  nice people Peas Rider. 
Yes, most  are.  
I like everyone!  
That´s a good way to be.          
It’s getting late BB, is there anything else you want to ask me.   
My daddy calls Peelament and Wronggas boobs and pickleheads,  pause,  Who is Omama?   Is everyone a boob and picklehead  Peas Rider?  
Yes, and no and it depends.  
I don´t understand. 
Can you call me again?  We'll talk some more about boobs and pickleheads 
I´ll try. 
I love you BB, good night, sweet dreams.  
I love you too Peas Rider, good night.  

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