Friday, December 21, 2012

Some Thoughts on Gun Violence in America 12/21/2012

My dear friends,

I feel compelled to say a few words about the multiple shootings and death of young people by gun violence.  There are things all of us can do to stop this insanity.  And yes, tighter controls on guns are a part of it but only a part of the answer.  But gun regulations do not get to the root of the problem we have created in our society.  

As I have said here before all things are connected energetically.  We really need to reexamine everything we are doing from an elevated consciousness that knows and understands this reality.   When we allow young people to disconnect from the real world for a make believe virtual one that frequently fills young minds with nothing but violent images and they see this repeated in real life events,war for example, and other media forums we've engaged in a form of unintended brain washing of impressionable young minds.   And what do these images and events imply but that use of violence is acceptable for resolving our differences.   In the virtual world there are no consequences for the protagonists.  In the real world there is real blood on the ground and dead bodies.  Stop this insanity.  Give our children and young people positive things of a nonviolent nature to live for rather than spill real blood and die for.  Reconnect young and old alike with their roots in the natural world rather than being fed a constant diet of negativity and violence found in the virtual one and not infrequently in the real one.  

We create from our thoughts individually and collectively.  Thoughts are creative energy.  And we have created a violent world from the misperception that we are somehow separate from other sentient beings or All That Is, known by many names.  We are only harming ourselves.   This is worth repeating until it really sinks in and begins to make a difference.  Hit you head against the wall often enough and pretty soon you'll figure out this really doesn't work so well and you'll stop doing it.  It is time to stop.   

On this auspicious day let us resolve to make peace on earth and peace with the earth a priority for all of us.   Your peace center lies in the heart.  That is the first place to begin real peace work.   Let your cultivation of that inner light shine forth brightly into our world to help heal and create a new earth from this day forward.    

Feliz Navidad y Ano Nuevo del Yucatan, peace, love and joy to all,

Peace Rider


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