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Love is the Way Banner on display in Anchorage, Alaska during President Obama's  three day visit in early September drawing attention  to changes already happening on the "front line" as a result of climate change.

On the Road from Panama  7/9 to 11/18/2015 –  more conversation with BBC07

Hi BB, how are you doing?   It’s nice to hear your voice again.

I’m fine Peas Rider.

Do you remember where we left off last time?

Sort of.  Something about distinction.

That’s close.  Some scientists are saying if we do nothing about climate change human beings may be extinct in 100 years.  You were wondering what one little girl could do to stop that from happening.  Remember?


We are in very dangerous times in our history BB.  The air we breath is no longer clean like before.

I know.   Daddy says we’re putting too much ca,ca poop in the air from burning old dead plants for a long time.

Your daddy should know being a scientist.

I know about ca, ca poop! It stinks!

So does burning the dead plants we take from the ground and burn for fuel.  There is more of it every day in the air causing the planet to warm up, ice to melt and the sea level to rise.  It’s happening before our very eyes BB.  Some Bopheads still don’t believe its happening.

Don’t they have eyeballs Peas Rider?

Do you remember the closed door example I used to tell you about a Picklehead’s mind.


They see okay but they have made up their minds it’s not happening for many reasons, one might be to admit they were mistaken and have to do something about it. When you're a Bophead (short for boob and picklehead)  the last thing you want to do is admit you make a mistake.

Why is that?

To say I made a mistake is to say I am an imperfect human being and many people cannot do that.

Mum says we all make mistakes and need to say we’re sorry.

That’s wise advice  BB. 

A Bophead in Wronggas, as you call it, might lose their job and a lot of things they value that go with it if they did. 

What if we put ants in their pants, huh?

Pants on fire I like that idea, it would get someones attention.

What can we do Peas Rider? 

Well, BB no one has listened to me, I tried and so have a lot of other.   Wronggas and Peelament as you say, is more likely to listen to you and a lot of other children like you rather than me.  It’s your future and your voice that matters most.  We adults can help .
But I’m just a kid Peas Rider.  

Yes, but boobs and pickleheads have children too.  We are all in this together along with the ants and birds and frogs. 

Jesus was just one man BB.  He changed the world didn’t he?

Yes, he loved everyone all the little children like me.  

And "big children" too like me!

One person can make a difference.  That’s important to remember.   Amazing things happen when we work together for something that helps everyone including the ants.   It is the power of Love in each of us at work if we allow it.  Have you heard of Pope Francis BB?

Who is Poop Pfrancis, Peas Rider.  Is he okay?  Does he have trouble going potty? 

Pope Francis is an older man BB,  the big boss or Pope of the Catholic Church.  Many people in a lot of places belong to the Catholic church.  They adore the Pope.

He must be a nice man,  huh?  

I imagine he is BB.  I haven´t had the good fortune to meet him.  But from what he has written about taking care of our Earth and for poor people he has a big heart. 

Right now we can all help Pope Francis.  A lot of people listen to him, and a lot of people would listen to the voices of young people and children like you.

He recently wrote that we need to stop burning dead plants that puts more ca, ca in the air.  He used other words that mean the same thing.  It's too much ca ca in the air that makes it warmer than before and it keeps increasing every year.  It is already changing the weather.  Now is the time to stop doing it.

What will happen if we don’t Peas Rider.

Noone knows for sure BB.  What we have seen so far is very scary, melting glacier and polar ice, more powerful storms and rising sea levels.   It will only get worse if we do nothing.  It will reach a point where nothing human beings might do can change it.   This is the really scary tipping point scientists talk about.  It is why some say we risk extinction.

I don’t want to be distinct Peas Rider. 

Neither do I and neither would Pope Francis I imagine..  We can help him.  We know it’s the burning of old dead plants that is putting more ca, ca in the air.   We can control the ca, ca that goes into the air if we choose.   Pope Francis and other people are saying tax the BP’s of the world that sell the stuff that’s causing the problem.    

What is tax Peas Rider?

It is a money BP’s would pay for selling the stuff that makes ca, ca when it burns.  It is like your mum or dad saying if you misbehave there are consequences.  For the BP’s misbehavior, the consequence is they must pay money, a tax for selling dead plants that makes ca ca when it burns.  It’s called a carbon tax.  Otherwise, they will keep doing what they are doing even if they know it’s harmful because they make a lot of money doing it. 

There is so much more we need to do BB to bring healing, justice and restoration to our world.  A tax is only a part of a broader solution to a renewable energy future and ways of being in relation to our earth and one another that heal and restore rather the tear us apart. 

What good is money Peas Rider if you have no place to live, huh?

I very good question.  You should ask them that! 

It seems so hopeless sometimes Peas Rider!  They’re peeing on our/my future, POOF, POOF, POOF with their pickleheadedness.   I don’t like it one bit.  These BP’s have little children.  They will go POOF too.  Don’t they care?

Jesus said to love everyone Peas Rider.   How can I still love boobs and pickleheads after what you told me? 

Love is the Way BB.  Have you seen the banner I created that has these words on it?

Yes,  I saw it on your Facebook page.  I like it but I don't understand it..  

I think you are not alone in that.  The Bible as an account of what Jesus is reported to have said gives no further explanation of why it works.  

Very simply Love works because all things are connected energetically by it.  Love, or the energy that is Love, we could call it many different names, is an inherent part of every created thing.  Nothing that exists in form came into being apart from it.  We are not separate from it.  It is within each of us.   Some call this the higher self,  or the Kingdom of God within or super consciousness.   It is the eternal part of our being which does not die at the death of our bodies.

Sort of but I still don't get how it works.  

In practice because all things are connected by it it means that what one gives to another you are giving to yourself individually or collectively.    It is why Jesus said turn the other cheek if someone hits you.   He understood that by hitting back he would get the same response.  Not hitting back or using violence is the only way the cycle of violence can be broken.  In that sense it is transformational, that is a to say causing a change of mind and behavior.

For example, we see what happens repeatedly in the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians where violence only leads to more of the same.  Love applied practically would overcome evil with good giving the Palestinians what they want, a homeland, and an end to settlements, and tearing down of the present wall between them.  Love then is always sacrificial giving of oneself for the highest good of another.  It is the only way to Peace in this instance.  But it will not come before there is a change of consciousness and understanding of how the energy of Love works in our world. This is heart energy.

Love of creation and all things in it has caused many of us to work for ending our dependence on burning old dead plants (fossil fuels) that are driving climate change.  A New Earth which we can create is one that relies on renewable energy and is sustainable and equitable for "all of God's children." Climate change is forcing us to evolve and change if we are to survive and prosper.

Say BB how would you like to join me in Paris for the climate demonstration on November 29th before the COP 21 talks begin.  You could help me hold up my banner that says LOVE IS THE WAY.  It seems really timely and important after the recent terrorist attacks and loss of life there. 

I'd love that!.  I'll see if mum and dad can come too.

Good let me know soon will you?


I love you,

I love you too, bye for now.  

Peas Rider 

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