Monday, November 26, 2012

Peace Rider from Boquete, Panama 11/26/12

Dear Friends,
At this wiritng sitting in an internet cafe off the man drag, there´s only one in Boquete,  my home for now in the western highlands of Panama.  An array of flowers are in bloom gracing this place with their beauty and fragrances.  At my friend George´s place humming birds aggressive little creatures with their own kind dart about seeking flowers and nectar as well as vieing for sugar water at his feeder.  In the dry season these get filled more often than now when there are so many floral sources to choose from.
For some reason a small bat has been coming to the house attaching itself to the walls at night leaving its calling card  in the process making more work for Amalia, George´s AM helper and my Spanish coach. 
It´s blessedly cooler here being higher in elevation and rainy - it poured yesterday and the day before.  My plan to walk into town yesterday and watch the parade celebrating independence from Spain was aborted by the rain.  George has seen enough of these he didn´t want to venture into town to see the locura (craziness).  The parade went on but I waited until today to venture out with most of the rain past.   The news reported flooding and homes being washed away in Colon on the north coast in roughly the center of the country.. 
It´s rather nice to have no agenda and to just sit and enjoy the place and its beauty.  My Spanish is improving with practice.  The computer I´m using has its commands in Spanish, more practice.   One of the things I came to look for in town this day was harina integral, wheat flour. Bleached white flour is the other more common choice.  There was none a couple of days ago but I found some in two different stores today and bought a stash for the house.  Amalia bakes bread for George and the rest of us with a mixture of wheat and white flour.   I made an eatable version a couple of days ago and rice pudding last night.  Enjoy the process and the results are usually eatable with some renderings being a wee bit denser than  others.  The latest of mine got favorable reviews.
Into my second reading of Adyashanti - Falling Into Grace.  Tammy is helping George and I become more sensitive to the energies around us including our own.  We all have the ability but it does take letting go of the mind and being present.  Our minds are a tool, not who we are.  We are the awareness, the consciousness behind it something we can tune into and many are.  Adyanshanti is worth reading for his insights into the nature of mind growing out of his experience and searching for a way out of the human dilemma and suffering.  He speaks to the fundamentals of spiritual practice from a non-dogmatic point of view with fresh insights into the teachings and life of Jesus and the Buddha.   
Time to head back up the hill and home with a load of harina integral while the bajareque, mountain mist, is not falling.
Peace Rider

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