Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Peace Rider in Panama

Dear Friends,
I didn´t quite get to final thoughts on my ride as planned, apologies.   I headed out of Denver soon after I arrived to help Eddie at his cabin near Fairplay in South Park. My good intentions fell by the way side upon return amidst seeing other friends,  swapping worn out tires for new ones, making a new pants guard and deciding which things to keep and which to leave behind and oh yes, packing it all up.  Getting my break apart bicycle into its "suitcase" takes time and I usually end up sweating "blood" to make it fit.    
In the end I took most of my stuff with me rather leave things for my college friends Eddie and Babbie to deal with later.  Long underwear will come in real handy in Miami - right?  I was very grateful for their help throughout especially Babbie getting up at 4:30 AM to get me to the airport for an early flight.  I return to Miami and another friends place there then to the Yucatan in mid-December.  I left my bicycle behind there with Richard and Lisa but will take it to Mexico.
I was gifted several books complementary to one another in different ways but speaking to the theme of this ride - elevation of consciousness.  They are:  Falling Into Grace, insights into an end to suffering by Adyashanti, You Can Heal your Your Life by Louise Hay, and the Man Who Planted Trees by Jim Robbins.  
I´ve found them affirming.  See what you think.  I´m into all three savoring them from a relaxed perspective at another friend´s home on a mountainside outside Boquete in western Panama.  Cool but rainy here now in the wet season.
We are being pushed to break with the past and the illusion of separation to save ourselves in the face of an ecological crisis we have yet to take seriously.  It´s a four alarm fire and it doesn´t care who slept with whom.
More later now that I´m dismounted.  Got to git, my not so ample posterior is sore from sitting at the computer too this day.
Don - Peace Rider

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