Friday, April 4, 2014

On the Road in Virginia 4/4/2014

A note since leaving Cuba 29 March.  I again spent a very enjoyable few days with my friends the Warrens in south Miami.   I met them on a previous peace ride and passed through the area every year since it seems.  Yesterday I flew to the Washington, DC area.     

When I called Tammy to find out if they would be home and a visit possible here I learned she and her instructor were hosting an Introduction to Integrative Energetic Medicine this weekend in Winchester not far from where she and husband Steve live.  It's a subject I became interested in several years ago through her when we first met at her father's home in Panama.  The timing and opportunity seemed tailor made.  I will be attending the workshop this weekend. The beginning of next week I'll be visiting several other friends in the area.  On Wednesday I fly back to Fairbanks, winter and cold but with a lot more daylight.

Peace Rider

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