Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the road from St. Charles, MO 4/22/10

Friend (Joe) - Lost track of you for awhile, you get lost?

PR - No, just away from a computer on the road. I also stopped for a few days at my cousin's place in Urich not far from Clinton where the trail begins. He only had a slow dial up connection.

Before I say much more I just wanted to wish all of my friends a Happy Earth Day. It is with a hope that all of you will do something that reminds us of our connectedness to each other, the Earth and that which is Greater than self in whatever terms you understand it.

This is our decade to create anew and change from takers and plunderers to careful stewards of what has been entrusted into our care for the benefit of everyone. It is ours to lose or to heal and restore for our children's sake.

I regret that I am not able to send each of you very special people a personal note of thanks and appreciation for all that you are doing on behalf of the planet and to bring peace on earth and peace with the earth. But you should also know that there are many of you out there trying your very best against often daunting odds to make a difference, to live more simply and sustainably on the planet. I'm greatly encouraged by that and the example you've set. It is time to come together.

The challenge remains to move to a green energy future and break our addiction to fossil fuels while a sliver of time remains to do so, to stop the contamination of our atmosphere with pollutants of all kinds. Waiting longer invites the very real possibility that changes already occurring now will reinforce one another and become irreversible

Good luck and my very best to all of you on this 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Let's make it one to remember.

Check out what is doing and also
another ride for the planet day to take place later in the year.

F - Thought you were supposed to be in DC on Earth Day?

PR - That was a goal I had to set aside as you may recall.

F - So where are you planning to be on Earth Day?

PR - In St. Louis's Forest Park. But they're not celebrating Earth Day until Sunday the 25th.

I got connected with the St. Louis Regional Bike Association and will help them out on Sunday at their booth. And I may get a chance to say a few words on stage thanks to Cassie Phillips, the principal organizer of this year's Earth Day events here. I was a late arrival on the scene and really appreciated being fitted in.

I arrived yesterday in St Charles at the end of the KATY trail staying with friends of friends, Viet Nam era veterans as it happens.

F - That should give you enough time to rest up for the dash to the finish, eh?

PR - Yeah, the KATY trail, short for Missouri, Kansas, Texas RR, was great! If you get a chance to bike it it's well worth the time, especially the part along the Missouri River with its historical markers and descriptions of the Lewis and Clark expedition's camps on their way upriver from St. Charles in late May and early June of 1804. I really enjoyed reading again about one of my favorite times and event of American history.

F - What are your plans after St. Louis.

PR - I'm hoping to be in DC no later than May 15th. It's a tight schedule from here on out since I made advance reservations to leave Toronto by train on 20 May. Will see how it comes together.

F - Do you have a route east in mind?

PR - Just a tentative one at this point. I've changed it slightly. I want to connect with friends in Pittsburgh to ride the relatively new Allegheny Passage Trail that connects with the C&O towpath into DC. It will be a great way to come in to the capitol.

To get there it looks like Hwy. 40 east may be the best choice. More research is needed on it at this point.

F - Catch up with you down the road. Stay in touch. Watch your back side.

PR - Do my best! Thanks amigo.

Viajero por la Paz

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  1. glad to meet you on the trail and good luck getting to washington and your efforts to highlight climate change issues. Michael H., the guy from Nashville, TN who was racing the sun to get to the end of the katy trail.