Friday, February 21, 2014

On the Road from Baracoa 2/21/2014

From Banes to Baracoa there are lots of lomas as the locals call the hills hereabouts.  The first day out of Banes past Mayari late in the day I shifted into low gear only to find the chain catching.  I pushed the bike a ways uphill to a place I could work on it off the road.  I found the problem.  A woman came up to me and wanted to know where I was headed.. You don't have a place to stay and you can't make Moa before dark why don't you stay here.  Another woman and her daughter came and watched while I finished tightening the bolt that had come loose.  They then showed me several places I could put my tent.  The second woman showed me half of her house she was not using.  I could stay there if I wanted. 

I went to the teacher's humble house first.  Her husband had been drinking, an alcoholic, I learned later.  He asked me if I was CIA or FBI.  The seven year old came later,  took my hand and carried my helmet to her divided home of plain concrete.  I stayed the night there.  Kindness to a stranger on the road the openness and generosity of the Cuban people I'm experiencing.  Love not just in words.

Looks like I'm in Baracoa until Monday now.  I need to extend my visa beyond 30 days and must buy additional health insurance to do it.  Moments ago learned the agent that sells the insurance won't be in the office until Monday AM - go with the flow, don't push the river.  The Universe is here to support you.

I'm in a Casa Familiar (110 years old)  for my time here and being well taken care of.  A lingering cough from a cold persists and need the down time off the road.  .

I met a Cacao farmer yesterday and we may hike El Yunque tomorrow.  Its a flat top mesa just west of town. 

The bookmarks I carry that say Love is the Way in Spanish have turned out
to be a nice way to say thanks with a small gift.

All the now.

Peace Rider

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