Sunday, February 2, 2014

On the road from La Habana Feb. 2, 2014

Didn´t quite finish yesterday.  I´m on a local red eye special train No. 3 leaving this afternoon bound for Santiago.  I get off at Cacocum station not far south of Holquin.  Should arrive there in the early AM Monday.  From there put the pieces of my bicycle together and head north, check on Friends in Holquin then on to Gibara,  from there east to Banes and a circuit through Baracoa over the mountains to Santiago.  That´s the plan of the moment subject to change as things unfold.

I met a couple day before yesterday that in the course of the conversation indicated there were three things I needed to do while in Cuba, drink a Mojita, smoke a Cuban cigar and there was a third, much like the three things you need to do to qualify as an Alaskan sourdough.  The two I´ve done, but after the second wonder why I ever took up smoking in the first place - a repeat performance not in the offing.

More down the road,

Peace Rider

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